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Today, I blew up a planet. I also passed the 10k mark. That's 20% of goal.


two and a half weeks

(note bene: I'm opting to switch over to my vanilla account rather than continue using my fandom account for Team Torchwood. This is mostly for my own ease, and to make it clear that my project is, in fact, original fiction intended for publication rather than cheap, recreational smutfic. I know, I know.)

So a couple of weeks ago I asked you what your books are about. I gave plenty of good reasons why September's a good time to do this. Now it's October. In fact, it's nearly the middle of October.

I wasn't joking when I told you it swept by.

So what's your book about? How's planning?

My status report, just to get the ball rollingCollapse )

And now, two pieces of creative fodder for your brains. The quote's just for fun (and came from a jar on my desk). Give the prompt 10 minutes of your time.

Recreational Quote: "If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right." - Mary Kay Ash

Prompt (From Judy Reeves' A Creative Writer's Kit): It was as far as I could go.

What's your book about?

September 17 may seem a bit early to ask this, especially since the writing doesn't begin until Novebmer 1. I wouldn't ask, though, if it wasn't useful. After all, September 17 isn't far from October. October is only 31 days away from November 1. And November 1 is too late for pre-writing.

In the last exercise, I wanted to give you a sense of how you might write at your peak during November. 5 minutes of breakneck free-writing is a good proof of concept that demonstrates that such a thing is at least theoretically possible. But consider this: driving at 120 miles per hour through a city only works well if you know the city intimately. The more alien the territory, the more likely it is you'll get lost, or put the SUV through a wall.

So what's your book about?

If you don't know, start asking. Start making notes, start brainstorming, start getting a sense of what it is you're getting into. Bereft of ideas? Start grasping those straws, write down outrageous and random crap, even if you think it's trash. Brainstorm with friends, watch strangers, read other books, etc.

Practical ApplicationCollapse )

An Exercise

Choose one of the prompts and freewrite for five minutes. When you're finished, count your words.

- Hands
- Noise
- Ice Cream
- Nicknames
- Optimism

Do not open the cut until you're finished.

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Welcome to Torchwood

From: invisible_lift <spareteaboy@torchwood.org.uk>
To: TW_Wrimos

Torchwood: Arming the Human Race against the future. The 21st Century is when it all changes, and you've got to be ready. If it's alien, it's ours.

You've heard all of this before.

What you haven't heard is the toll this service takes on those of us who labor in obscurity to make sure there's not another Sycorax invasion, another Blaidd Drwg, another Yvonne Hartman, or another Harold Saxon.

Consider this a training exercise. During the month of November you will attempt to produce fifty thousand words of text. Succeed, and you will distinguish yourself among those the Institute trusts. Fail, and...

Well, I'd watch your coffee if I were you.